Lesson 1: Required tools

Before we start developing a php application Here are things that you must have

localhost –  is a hostname that means this computer. It may be used to access the network services that are running on the host via its loopback network interface.

There are lots of local server that you may use to run php on your computer. you need to download and install this software to your computer. you can use xampp or wamp

But I recommend to use xampp for this tutorials. But its up to you what local server you may use as long as you can run php on your browser.

Text Editor – You also need a text editor to write your code you can use notepad++ or sublime but if you are using another text editor or IDE that support php. its your choice also.


1.1  donwload localserver (localhost)  we will use xampp. after downloading install it to your selected drive



1.2 Run your xampp you to see something like this. Start the Apache (It will turn to green on the left side)
2016-03-28_1701 - Copy


1.3 Open your browser and type: localhost.
normally when fresh install xampp you will see the xampp welcome message but you can delete everything inside htdocs directory located inside your xampp directory. “on wampp you can locate it inside www directory“. It will delete the welcome message.