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Publishing your website online using free web hosting

Publishing your website online

Once you finish writing the code and organizing the files that make up your website, you need to put it all online so people can find it. This article lays out how to get your simple sample code online with little effort.

Publishing a website online isn’t a simple topic, mainly because there are so many different ways to do it. In this article we don’t aim to document all possible methods. But to share a very simple way on how you publish you site online for free.

Things to remember

  • Hosting – A rented file space on a hosting company’s web server. You put your website files on this space, and the web server serves the content to web users who request it.
  • Domain – A unique address where people can find your website, like, etc,.
  • Subdomain – Subdomains are extensions of your domain name that you can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within your hosting account. ex. or

Now lets start!

  • We need to have a web server that offers a free web hosting. For this tutorials we will be going to use
  • A simple html or PHP files that you will be use to be upload online.
  • FTP tools ex. FileZilla, winSC or cuteFTP etc,.

We need to create account on a web hosting company

  • Create account on
  • You need to confirm your email to proceed registration process

Go to Hosting menu Hosting > New Account and Select a Hosting Plan “Select only Free”.

For free select only subdomain. Top level domain like “.com, .net etc.,” are all paid.

Continue to process until you successfully finish your order. And click Manage. You will be redirecting to your cpanel dashboard.

On your Dashboard find File manager 2

Now you are redirected to your File Manager. This is where your file is located

Note: Your can only upload files inside public_html

On Hostinger you can see .htaccess and default.php inside public_html. But you can delete those.

How to upload files on File Manger?

Just .zip your files and upload it using upload features on File manager.

When its done you can now visit your links: 

Hope you got it right!

Note: For free web hosting. 2mb is max upload file for Filemanager. If you want to upload big files you can use FTP

For FTP tutorials Watch this demo